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Kadi Tsang



Kadi Tsang is a multilingual filmmaker primarily based in New York. Since graduating Tisch, she co-founded Art Avenue which focuses on cultural diversity and mental health. Her works often look into identities and human connections, with an aim to reduce misunderstandings through art. 


Over the past years, she has worked on various international films, television shows, music videos, and live performances. Her short films “Red Bean Soup” and “Kung Fu Grandma” have been included in various international film festivals and won multiple awards such as the First Prize at NYU Undergraduate King & Wasserman Award, the Carl Lerner Award for Social Significance at First Run Film Festival, and the Excellence in Narrative Short at Destiny City Film Festival. 


Kadi is passionate about issues related to aging, gender roles, and mental health in our society. She devotes herself to facilitating cultural exchange and mutual understanding. 


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